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let life be sasori luv ch.6 :iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 3 0
Sasori one-shot Christmas
  I looked out the window, once again. Staring at her as if I was her stalker. It was snowing, and Kundola was now letting us use her real name. She was still babbling on about something called, Christmas.
  She was playing with Kisame, a snow ball fight. 'Ever since she joined the Akatsuki, things have brightened up, and yet we stil stick to the task, gaining control over the hachibi and kyuubi, was easy, with the usage of Kundola, even though Pein said we were only using her, then dumping her out on the streets, where a stupid cross breed between a wolf and human belong... I beleive he is secretly and silently changing his mind...' I looked back out the windowed and and sighed, annoyed.
   I walked out of my room, prepared to drag an unconscious Kisame inside. But as I was walking down the hallway, I passed Pein's doorway, and heard murmurings. "No... can't... stay..." The voices were muffled. "Worthless... stupid... dead in no time..." I growled, a
:iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 0 1
let life be sasorri luv ch.5
I sat in the rain, letting it all drench me down. That's when a blur of red past me. Collecting my tired bones, I walked back in the store. "Come here, Deidara, your coffee's getting cold." I sat next to him, "Thanks, danna."
   Sasori paused as he heard the bell ring, "Damn, we missed lunch period." Deidara snaked his arms around my neck, and laid his head down on my chest, "S'okay. We got something better than food." he purred. I chuckled, "Guess so." We both walked down the hall way to sixth period, ahh... geometry.
   We both walked in the door, and sat down side by side, completly ignoring the growls from the fangirls. The teacher looked up, "Great, nice of you two to join us." We both checked the clock. Oh. Shit. We were around twenty minutes late. The teacher sighed, obviously annoyed to the fact that we just realized what time it was. Then, geometry, A.K.A hell, was revived for the next hour. Sasori and Deidara were completly oblivious to anything
:iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 1 1
Mature content
Sasori One Shot Intoxicating :iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 3 0
let life be sasori luv ch. 4
The pain that I feel every minute, is suffocating, almost contagious. It makes me wonder if you even still care about me. So tell me. Do you?
   I guess walking to school wasn't so bad every once in awhile. But I still prefered driving my Firari. A girl started walking closer to me, while I had very negative, murderous thoughts of her playing in my mind, "What's your na-" I cut her off, "I didn't brush my teeth this morning." She just kept on walking closer. Damnit, so turning her off wouldn't work...
   I decided that maybe just ignoring her would work. But trying to act oblivious to a girl thats close to actually sexually harassing you in an empty parking lot. I sighed, trying to walk faster, despretaly trying to find any of my newest friends, and bless the heavens that the perfect man for a smooth solution was leaning up against a wall, not to far away. Hidan, "Hey, Hidan!" The zealot turned his head and smirked, "What can I do for ya'?" I gave him an o
:iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 0 3
let life be sasori luv ch. 3
I thought you hated keeping people waiting. Then why are you doing this? I thought you loved me...
   Itachi leaned closer, until the space closed imbetween them, leaving them both kissing and rubbing. The weasel (sorry I had to XD) kept on, till they heard a soft warning growl. Itachi turned and stared at Deidara in return. They both stared at each other, until finally Itachi shuffeled closer to me and plopped me down on his lap, and I felt warm breath tingle on my ear lope, "Sasori likes me more, don't you, Sasori?" I took a deep breath, and handled him just like any other girl I didn't know anything about that asked me out, "No, I don't. Now please let me get my ass out of your lap."
   Itachi frowned, letting me go. Konan turned off the camera, and smirked, "Black. Mail." The three turned to her, "You wouldn't dare." We all said in unison. Konan smirked again, "Oh, but I would." The rest of the game went smoothly, Kisame kissed Pein, Konan kissed Zetsu
:iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 1 6
let life be sasori luv ch. 2
Never felt this feeling... it makes me want to... cry. Never will I, because when you left, you drove my tears with you, isn't that right, Sasori no danna?
  As soon as the teacher was done introducing her, she told us to introduce our selves. "Now, I want all of you, one at a time, to tell us your name, and some things that interest you." Then I realized where I was sitting, second to last, Deidara on my left. As soon as the second row was done introducing themselves, it was Pein's turn, everyone held their breath as they thought about where else he had piercings.
   "My name is Pein, my interests... piercings." Some smart ass kid up front muttered something like, "Didn't see that coming..." Up next was Konan, she stood, "My name's Konan, I take an interest in origami." ...oh dear, up next was Hidan, now everyone held their breath again, tension in the air. "Hidan, bitches. I take an interest in sacrificing you puny shits to my god." I swore I heard a few muff
:iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 0 0
let life be sasori luv ch 1
   You think that love would leave you alone after you 'killed' it. Like turning yourself into a puppet, feeling nothing...
   The beeping in my room wouldn't stop. I groaned, slamming my hand lazily on the alarm clock, slamming it into bits. '... I didn't do that' I thought to myself, getting up and stumblig like a drunk person to the bathroom. I stripped down and turned on the shower water. For the first few minutes I just let the water run down my back, just staring off into space. This was going to be my last year of high school, and being a senior didn't help the fact that I just wanted to jump the hell out the window, especially when all of the teachers were fat chicks in their early twenties who happenes to always stare at me when I decided to actually go into their mini hell-hole.
    I turned the shower off, completly oblivious to the fact that there was still conditioner in my hair. With a towel wrapped around my waist, I walk
:iconyukidensetsu:yukidensetsu 0 3


I Miss You - Sasori - collab by Lairam I Miss You - Sasori - collab :iconlairam:Lairam 744 71 Realistic Wolf Practice by TheKarelia Realistic Wolf Practice :iconthekarelia:TheKarelia 230 78 Reno from Final Fantasy VII by Varezart Reno from Final Fantasy VII :iconvarezart:Varezart 744 164 How Zack would carry Cloud by Nyaasu How Zack would carry Cloud :iconnyaasu:Nyaasu 72 28
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Cloud looked at the package that had just been given…no, thrust at him.  The red head who had thrown the badly wrapped package at him grinned.  The blond reached for a pen and pad, still starring skeptically at the Turk.
“Um…where to?”
“It’s for you.”  With that, Reno turned and left, leaving the blond puzzled with a strange package in his lap.  Cloud ripped off the paper and opened the plain box underneath.  Inside where about two dozen bracelets in different color and a single piece of paper, that had been obviously ripped off another bigger piece.  
Directions: Wear one everyday’

Cloud turned the paper over, but that was it.  So, Reno wanted him to wear bracelets?  The blond eyed the plastic rings, but they seemed harmless.  ‘Whatever,’ the blond thought to himself before tossing the box onto his desk.  All he wanted now
:iconastrostarr42:AstroStarr42 11 3
.:Black Winged Wolf:. by WhiteSpiritWolf .:Black Winged Wolf:. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 3,438 258 Helpful Hidan by crow213 Helpful Hidan :iconcrow213:crow213 597 63 Denali by MorRokko Denali :iconmorrokko:MorRokko 138 18 background by Simuja background :iconsimuja:Simuja 310 66 -Sasori's Nirvana- by Lairam -Sasori's Nirvana- :iconlairam:Lairam 1,105 192 Akatsuki by Bosmitze Akatsuki :iconbosmitze:Bosmitze 1,046 127 Deidara by Micuku Deidara :iconmicuku:Micuku 30 8
Master And Servant Prologue
Hey guys!! Bloodstainedhowl here! This fanfiction has many inspirations, such as movies I've watched, other fanfics, stories, and some things of the past~ Like history. It's based in kind of medieval times, but I'm going to use it as my own style~ and views of the time. Some characters may be OOC but that's because I'm writing it and I'm not the original author! I really hope you enjoy this!
Warning: This is sasodei! Yeah that's right! Yaoi! Also a bit of pedophilia considering Sasori is about 5 years older. Not too bad, but bad enough to a lot of people. Will have M rated stuff (18+ sexual themes) but like 10 or so chapters away. 'CAUSE MY STORY SHALL HAVE PLOT, NOT JUST ENDLESS SMUT XDXD will also have gore, and bad language.  
Deidara: And she blabbers on and on and on.. So annoying.
Sasori: Deidara, shut it up before we both regret it. You know she has her ways of getting payback.
Deidara: *shivers* Yeah, you're right. Now let's do this disclaimer.
Sasori: Yes, let's. Blo
:iconbloodstainedhowl:Bloodstainedhowl 13 40
[TMNT] Four Brothers introduction (redraw) by LeoKatana [TMNT] Four Brothers introduction (redraw) :iconleokatana:LeoKatana 1,059 74 PIL - Ch 2 pg 2 by LingLam PIL - Ch 2 pg 2 :iconlinglam:LingLam 41 21



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I JUST WROTE SOMETHING AND DEVIANTART DELEATED IT!!!!!!! THIS SUCKS I HAATTTTEEEE THIS.... ohhhhhh maybe next week........ I'll try again.... But.... it was so perfect the kiss... and the orphanage and Final Fantasy Cloud.... 3 AND A HALF HOURS OF NOTHINGNESSSS
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